About Us

 Our Mantra:

Love God, Love People, Love Life, LOVE is UNSTOPPABLE!

Our Mission:

To make the world a better place one plastic water bottle at a time, one dignified wage at a time, one positive message at a time, one t-shirt at a time!

L.U.M. was founded by Jessica Tillery in 2019.  This faith and love based movement is a passion project through All Quality Graphics (AQG), Jessica’s custom merchandising company. 

Over the years, Jessica and her team at AQG have been seeking ways to improve environmental and humanitarian concerns in the industry, such as lack of sustainability strategies and undignified wages and conditions for factory workers.  God put it on Jessica’s heart to take a stand, while also advocating love and faith.

Jessica’s environmental and humanitarian draw, coupled with her strong foundation of faith, released a clear vision to launch a faith-based shirt of the month subscription to spread positive messages and bring social awareness through t-shirts. 

The vision was clear…..

Have an Environmental Impact!

Our shirts are made from SIX recycled plastic bottles (per shirt!).  We prevent thousands of bottles from polluting our oceans and landfills EVERY month!  Amazingly, our shirts are super comfy, cute, trendy and RAD designs…BUT the best part of this is that our shirts contribute to a better world.

We partnered with an amazing company called Allmade and use their shirts for the monthly subscriptions (check them out at allmade.com). 

Have a Humanitarian Impact!

Allmade proudly partnered with The Global Orphan Project to help prevent orphanism in Honduras.  Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the world and unfortunately orphans are far too prevalent. This global project came in and created a living wage factory in Honduras making t-shirts. The Hondurans are paid fair market wages, allowing parents the opportunity to remain united with their children, reducing the orphan crisis.

Have a Local Impact!

L.U.M. gives back locally, donating a portion of the profits to local charities and causes in need throughout the nation.  For every subscription, $3 is given to a local charity.  That charity is different every month.  Foster kids, families affected by tragedies, etc.

Have a Spiritual Impact!

Most importantly, this movement helps spread the love through positive words, affirmations, scriptures and apparel that will make you look and feel blessed, grateful and beautiful. 

The shirts are rad and the logos are POWERFUL!  (The shirts are printed at All Quality Graphics in Sacramento, CA and shipped to you in a recycled mailer.)

L.U.M. is about loving all. We are all created equal.  We are all children of God.  L.U.M. is Christian based; however, the whole premise behind L.U.M. is to love unconditionally without judgement.  It’s about inclusion, acceptance and spreading the love.  It doesn’t matter if you’re black/white/asian/portuguese, christian/catholic, straight/gay, republican/democrat, white collar/blue collar, rich/poor, etc etc.  It’s about us all being created equal and being children of God. You don’t know what anyone has been through unless you’ve walked in their shoes.  So do not judge.

The biggest part of the Love Unstoppable Movement is to spread hope, joy, faith and happiness through each quarterly package.  Our designs are meaningful messages intended to create smiles, spread joy and keep hope alive.  They are a reminder to practice gratitude and kindness.  Find the good in everyone - you don’t know their story. 

The amazing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I have a dream”. 

He lead through love, compassion, kindness and determination to create a better world.  We too have a dream and we believe that together we can make this a better world.    

Please join us in this movement!  On a small scale, we won’t make a difference; on a large scale, we’ll make a HUGE difference!  We need you!  The world needs you - Love is Unstoppable!! 


Jessica Tillery