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Sign-up today for our quarterly t-shirt subscription. OR, purchase the Break Every Chain tee as a one-time purchase. You can select 'one-time-purchase' or 'renews every 90 days' upon checkout. All subscribers will receive the Break Every Chain tee for this quarter's subscription package, which will ship out the first week of September. Profits from this quarter will go to a mental health facility in Maui, who is rebuilding after the devastating fires. Thank you for helping us spread love through apparel! Love is Unstoppable!
LADIES Quarterly V-Neck Subscription

LADIES Quarterly V-Neck Subscription

YOUTH Quarterly Subscription

YOUTH Quarterly Subscription

UNISEX Quarterly CREW NECK Subscription

UNISEX Quarterly CREW NECK Subscription

New Shirt / New Revival Every Quarter for just $23.00

Revive your wardrobe, but more importantly, revive YOU, your soul, your spirit. Revive the WORLD and enrich lives around the globe!

Sign up and you'll be included in the next billing cycle to receive next quarters design and beyond! Shirts are shipped out the 3rd month of the quarter. You can do a one-time purchase or a reoccurring subscription.

There are zero contracts, if you don’t like the shirts or finances have changed and this simply doesn’t fit into your budget anymore, you can cancel any time with no penalties! This membership is a privilege and a blessing and there is absolutely no pressure to subscribe or stay subscribed.

Each LUM shirt will be a unique logo inspired by prayer and events in the world or in our community.

Each quarter has a meaningful and powerful message.

The logo this quarter is 'Break Every Chain' and all profits go to a mental health facility in Maui, who are working to rebuild after the devastating fire.


This movement spreads love through positive words, affirmations, scriptures, community involvement and apparel that will make you look and feel blessed and beautiful!


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